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On-Demand Conference Calling

On-Demand Conference Calling with integrated web portal administrator places you completely in control of your conference. No reservations and no monthly subscription are required. You can schedule and conduct a conference anytime you choose and, on your personal web portal you can administer each caller with features such as volume, mute or disconnect. Features include call recording with downloads to your computer so you can archive or share the conference recordings with others.

    Per- Minute Service Rate            
$0.03 Per minute rate per active conference line*      
    On-Demand Conference Calling FAQs      
    User Guide for On-Demand Conferencing & Web Portal Administrator     Documents are posted in the Adobe Acrobat Format (PDF). PDF files require Adobe Acrobat Reader to be installed on your computer to properly view and print. Follow this link if you need to obtain the free Acrobat Reader.

Activation is $10.00 with existing wireline service.

*Requires Ponderosa voice subscription, compatible phone and/or computer or other device with Internet access service. Charges will appear on your next Ponderosa statement.

Up to 12 conference lines will be accessible to you at any time. Please call us if you have different requirements.

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