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Corporate Information

Ponderosa is a technology service provider offering Voice & Internet services.


Ponderosa is located in the foothills of O’Neals, CA, approximately 25 miles northeast of Fresno and Clovis. Eighty employees serve approximately 10,000 subscriber lines in rural communities. Our service territory encompasses approximately 3000 sq. mi., from sea level to 10,000 ft. elevations; from the southern California desert to the central California high Sierra.


Area Code 559 

  • 855 Auberry
  • 893 Big Creek
  • 822 Friant 
  • 877 North Fork 
  • 868 O'Neals 
  • 841 Shaver Lake 
  • 865 Wishon Village

Area Code 760 

  • 928 Cima

CONTACT US:  559.868.6000

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Dusty Gauthier

Marketing Communication Associate

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