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Local Stories


Equestrian Trailblazers
Two pioneering women encourage local equestrian trail riding and camaraderie by sharing their considerable knowledge of the Central Sierra Nevada equestrian trails experience through guide books and Internet networking. Click photo to read their story.

Home is where the heart is for 5 generations... the Helm / Wagner family continues with pioneering spirit inspired by past generations. Learn what draws this family to life on the rugged homestead and hear an audio story about crossing the plains in 1856.

Reviving a Culture
The Mono Nation Trade Route Hike is a story which exemplifies the value of communications to reviving the culture and traditions of the Mono People. Click the picture to share Lou Beihn's personal journey.

Wired for Safety Inside Friant Dam... where mammoth turbines generate hydro-electric power and sophisticated electronics control and monitor the generation of raw energy. Click the picture to discover how Ponderosa uniquely serves the needs of hydro-electric power operators.
The Bigelow Family Journey... is one of the central San Joaquin Valley and the determined pioneers who tamed the rough and tumble territory in the late 1800ís. Scratching out a living in the rural foothills near OíNeals took a great deal of grit and hard work. 

The Grizzly Century
A few friends with a passion for riding came together to create an upbeat fundraising event to benefit their community in a downturned economy.


As We Were Told, Interview with Jesse Bigelow



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