Ponderosa Internet Open Internet Policy Disclosure

Effective Date: August 16, 2022

Ponderosa Internet (Company) offers local Internet access to customers in accordance with the following terms and conditions.


Ponderosa Internet does not engage in any traffic shaping or filtering that would restrict the transmission of lawful network traffic. Lawful content, ports, applications, services, or non-harmful devices are not blocked from the Ponderosa Internet network subject to the Ponderosa Internet Acceptable Use Policy.




Ponderosa Internet offers several broadband internet access products utilizing xDSL and Ethernet Transport Service technologies. Service details may be viewed at the following link:


Non-affiliated speed test link:


Internet congestion and latency experienced beyond the Ponderosa Internet network is outside the control of the provider. All concerns with broadband data rates should be reported to Ponderosa Internet by calling 559.868.6000.


Ponderosa Internet monitors and manages the shared network bandwidth to provide users with broadband experiences consistent with the products they have purchased. At times network congestion may occur and when it does, packets can be dropped or delayed which may result in service degradation. Because the network is shared by all users, Ponderosa Internet reserves the right to implement traffic management policy during periods of peak demand. Ponderosa Internet does take measures to protect its network. Generally, Ponderosa Internet does not interfere with the use of specific protocols or ports. In the interest of network security Ponderosa Internet does block all incoming DNS queries through Port 53 not destined for the Ponderosa Internet DNS Servers. Customers who wish to utilize Port 53 can contact Ponderosa Internet at 559.868.6000 to request access. Additionally, all inbound and outbound Ponderosa Internet email traffic is filtered through our email server virus protection. This virus protection cannot be removed. Each customer email account is provisioned with a SPAM filter which the user can control through an administration portal.


There are no restrictions on the lawful devices a customer may connect to the Ponderosa Internet network. If a customer chooses to use their own Internet Gateway it must be compliant with any transmission protocol currently in use in the network. The customer is strongly advised to contact Ponderosa Internet to determine which protocol is in use at your service location. Ponderosa Internet assumes no responsibility for the network compatibility, performance or technical support of customer provided equipment not purchased or rented from Ponderosa Internet.


You can view current broadband internet access pricing information at the following link:


Or you can contact our Customer Care Office at 559.868.6000 Monday through Friday 8AM to 4:30PM or send an email to customercare@goponderosa.com. For additional information regarding broadband services you can view current Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy at the following link: